$35 Tablet in India Delayed Once Again

Customers in India who have been waiting to get their hands of the rumored $35 tablet will be waiting even longer. Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal announced on Wednesday that the tablets are now delayed until October. The announcement has led some analysts to claim that the project.

Sibal says of the project:

“This is not just a dream, it is a reality.”

The $35 tablet was first announced in July 2010 with country officials saying it would mostly be geared towards educational use. Among the tablets features are Google Android, 2GB RAM, a front-facing camera, 32GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, USB ports and various apps to be utilized by students.

Country officials announced in June 2011 that the device would arrive by the end of the month with various delays named after that date, officials now say the tablets will begin shipping on October 5 with the originally promised $35 price tag.

Would you buy a low-end $35 tablet for casual use?