OMFG! Joe the Plumber heading to Gaza as a war correspondent

According to Chez over at Dues Ex Malcontent the most insane thing that has happened in journalism and blogging is coming to pass. Remember Joe the Plumber – of course you do even though you probably don't want to – well he has been hired by PajamasMedia. His job – to head over to the war in Gaza and report back and let Israel's "Average Joes share their story"

For those that might not recognize the name PajamasMedia it is a mini-conglomeration of conservative new media. Now I tried to find anything on this at the PajamasMedia site but when I tried to search I ended up with an error page so I'll leave it up to you to verify if this is indeed a fact. Mind you doing a Google search for Joe The Plumber is turning up all kinds of references to the story

If it is true I'm not sure if this could be consider a travelling comedy show or not. Joe the Plumber.. war correspondent.. wow.