Seth Rogen Scolds Roger Goodell Over Ray Rice Video

Actor Seth Rogen took to Twitter to blast NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over the new Ray Rice domestic violence video.

According to Rogen (and perhaps most of America by now), Goodell was "superbad" in letting Rice off the hook so lightly given newly released footage.

Directed at the commissioner, "Get your head out of your f-----g ass," one of Rogen's tweets declares.

An admitted weed fan which could in part be the source of his anger at Goodell, Rogen is hardly the only person that has weighed in on the Rice issue on social media, although the difference is that for whatever reason Rogen has more than two million Twitter followers.

As you probably know by now, TMZ released a disturbing surveillance video today that shows what happened inside the casino elevator on February 15, namely a brutal knockout blow from Rice on his now-wife Janay Palmer. The prior video only showed Rice dragging a seemingly unconscious Palmer out of the elevator at Revel Atlantic City.

An outcry ensued after the commissioner suspended the Baltimore Ravens star for only two games, a more lenient punishment than was handed out to other NFL players and coaches for non-violent offenses. Goodell later admitted he messed up; going forward, a first-time domestic violence incident will result in a six-game suspension in the NFL. Authorities charged Rice with aggravated assault, but he entered a pretrial diversion program in lieu of prosecution that will result in the dismissal of the charge if he completes it successfully.

Sooner rather than later, Goodell will have to hold a press conference to explain what he knew and when did he now it, as they used to say in the Nixon days. There will also be extreme pressure on Goodell to expand the Ray Rice domestic violence suspension. Commenting on the new footage, an NFL spokesman insisted, however, that "We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today."

Calls for Goodell to resign as commissioner have already emerged, with likely more to follow.

Earlier this year, Seth Rogen tweeted that HLN host Nancy Grace was a "f------g dumbass" for her anti-marijuana comments.

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