Jenelle Evans Slammed For Shaving Jace's Hair Weeks After Similar 'Teen Mom' Scandal

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been trying to prove herself over the past couple of months, especially when it comes to proving herself as a fit mother to her son, Jace. Evans gave up custody of her son a couple of years ago, when she couldn't take care of him. Her mother decided to take over the legal rights, and she has not been eager to give Evans full custody again.

Jenelle Evans recently decided to take Jace to get a haircut and her followers on Twitter were shocked to see him sporting a brand new hairdo over the weekend. The toddler was sporting a mohawk, which he rocked with confidence.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now defending her decision to give her son Jace a mohawk over the weekend. Clearly, people were not thrilled with the decision, so Evans decided to speak out on her decision.

"Everyone hating on Jace's hair... U all act like hair doesn't grow back...keep going.. I'm being very entertained," Jenelle tweeted this weekend. It is clear that people are not digging her decision to let Jace get a mohawk. As Jenelle said on Twitter, it is just hair, and she is just letting her son express himself through his hair. It is not like she has relapsed. She hasn't cheated on Nathan. She hasn't neglected her newborn son, Kaiser. Jenelle Evans just took Jace to get a haircut.But Jenelle Evans isn't the only person who is dealing with a backlash over hair. Earlier this summer, when Chelsea Houska took her daughter to New York to film the Teen Mom reunion, she posted a picture of her daughter Aubree at the airport. The picture clashed a little with the lighting, and Aubree looked as if she had gotten an extreme haircut - at least for some.

One follower slammed Houska for shaving Aubree's hair, even though Chelsea had merely placed Aubree's hair in a ponytail. It seems like people are not digging these Teen Mom stars and the possibility of them shaving their children's heads, even if it just for a mohawk.

According to The Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans has been trying to build back her mother's trust, so she can one day get back legal custody of her son. Surely, her mother doesn't care about the haircut as long as Jace is happy and healthy, and Jenelle is sober and responsible.

Do you think Jenelle Evans is irresponsible for giving Jace a mohawk?

[Image via Twitter and Teen Mom News]