Bob Dylan Gagosian Gallery Paintings Said To Be Plagiarized From Photographs

Bob Dylan recently placed paintings from his journeys across Asia on display at New York’s Gagosian gallery and now it turns out “The Asia Series” may actually contain line-by-line mimicry of photos from other photographers.

While the series had been billed as a “visual journey” that wording has now been changed to a “visual reflection.”

The painting rip-offs were uncovered by Dylan fan site Expecting Rain which says in some instances line-for-line mimicry was found from high and low brow photographers including Leon Busy, Henri Cartier Bresson, Dmitri Kessel and one Flickr user, Okinawa Soba

It’s not the first time the Gagosian gallery has fallen prey to such blatant photo-to-painting intellectual theft, Richard Price who supplied paintings to the gallery was eventually found guilty in a court of law, it turns out he’s the same guy who provided text for Bob Dylan’s Asia Series catalogues.

Do you think Bob Dylan’s reputation will be hurt because of this scandal? I personally place the blame on Gagosian for accepting paintings from an unproven artists without doing any of their homework first, even if it is Bob Dylan.