Justin Timberlake's Jessica Biel Stands By Her Man [Video]


Justin Timberlake has sure been taking the heat lately with his alleged flirtatious behavior. Most recently, Timerblake's partying at a club in Paris while getting too up close and personal with another female, and one of his back-up singers, Zenya Bashford has been all over the press. Justin Timberlake has been called every name in the book for the photos that hit the press on that outing.

Gossip Cop reports that in spite of the negative publicity for Justin Timberlake, there is always more than what meets the eye. The pictures were taken in a very public place, after all. And according to Gossip Cop, they "don't show Timberlake and Bashford doing anything that suggest they're having an affair."

Should he be given the benefit of the doubt? Although one could argue that a picture is worth a thousand words.

People have been quick to respond on social media telling Jessica Biel she should dump Timberlake, or saying she could do better, she is too good for him. But let's look at the flip side of the coin.

International Business Times reports that Jessica Biel is very much in love with her husband. Biel supports Timberlake's career and was with him on much of his 20/20 tour, snapping pictures left and right throughout their adventures and sharing them with the world. Biel was seen cutting loose during his concerts and having a blast watching her husband perform. Life seems great for her.

Recently, Jessica babied and took care of Timberlake when he took ill at their friends' bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas, as reported by Life & Style Magazine.

"The whole group went to see a Cirque du Soleil show, but part way through it, Justin started not to feel well. He wanted to call it a night and being the good wife she is, Jess went back to their hotel room to nurse him back to health."

Here is a short clip of Jessica Biel telling Ellen DeGeneres describing how she feels about marriage to her man, Justin Timberlake. She makes a very endearing comment about one thing she loves about being married to Justin.

"I think the weirdest and kinda most wonderful thing is that word -- 'That's my husband.'"

When your life is surrounded by paparazzi, cameras and fans, privacy is next to impossible. Things shouldn't be taken out of context. However, knowing you are constantly surrounded by people watching your every move, it seems like it would be important to keep things on the up and up. Don't give anyone the opportunity to slaughter you in the public eye. Just keep a long, safe distance from other women, Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake had very sweet things to say about his beautiful wife in his interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

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