Saggy Pants Ban Earns Georgia Town $4,000

Nine months ago officials in Albany, Georgia placed a ban on pants and skirts that sit more than 7.5cm below the top of the hips, expose skin or show underwear and thanks to that law they have already raised $4,000.

According to City Attorney Nathan David the Municipal Court says “187 citations have been issued and fines collected” All together the city has raised $3,916.49 since going into effect on November 23.

Under the city ordinance a first offense comes with a fine of $20 while each additional fine runs up a $200 tab.

While city officials don’t have the power to jail offenders and non-paying offenders they are allowed to issue up to 40 hours of community services to be completed instead of a payment.

The city enacted the ordinance after politicians in the United States began relating low hanging clothing to delinquency, poor learning and crime.

Do you think it’s fair that Albany officials are charging people for their dress choices?