Princess Diana Was Toxic For Prince Harry: Latest Claim Downright Shocking About Late Princess Of Wales

Princess Diana continues making headlines long after her death, and the latest one paints her as an unstable mother who exposed her emotional traumas to son, Prince Harry.

According to a new bombshell claim revealed in a Daily Mail exclusive, the late Princess of Wales allegedly made little effort to hide some of the worst moments of her life from him while being married to his and Prince William’s father, Prince Charles.

Royal biographer, Penny Junor, makes these claims in excerpts published by Daily Mail for her book titled, Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier will come out this Thursday in the U.K.

Before exploring what she has to say of the late princess, The Daily Beast points out in their report, that after Charles and Diana got their divorce, friends and journalists were forced to choose sides.

“After a divorce, friends often have to decide which one of the divorced couple they are going to be friends with, and journalists frequently face the same dilemma. Junor has long since fallen into the Prince Charles camp.”

Claims made include that Diana called Camilla Parker-Bowles, Charles’ current wife, and threatened her with a hit man standing outside her window one night. The way the event is described is downright creepy and one many would find difficult to believe.

“I’ve sent someone to kill you,” Junor alleges Diana would say on the phone to Camilla. “They’re outside in the garden. Look out of the window; can you see them?”

That’s just one of many things written that lay into William and Harry’s mother. Junor’s book covers the many flirtations and rumored romances that Princess Diana was said to have had in her life before — and after — her marriage to Prince Charles. The author states that Charles actually defended Diana after the divorce and that it was she who felt the royal family was out to discredit her for her mental instability while Charles allegedly tried protecting her from having a bad image.

When it comes to Prince Harry, Junor says that his mother’s unhappiness “affected Harry deeply.” She accuses the world’s most beloved princess of being a bad influence on her youngest son.

“A lot has been written about his parents’ marriage and why it failed, but the facts need to be reiterated because it affected Harry deeply. The man he is today is a product of that broken home and all that he heard and felt during his childhood.”

Princess Diana and Prince Harry at a royal function.

Diana supposedly wanted Harry to comfort her. When the man she famously had an affair with for five years — James Hewitt — the princess didn’t attempt shielding her sons from the scandalous relationship. Apparently when Hewitt was deployed to Iraq in 1993, she wrote him handwritten letters every day and would watch television compulsively in the hopes that she wouldn’t hear that he died in the war.

“Every day she anxiously watched the news, terrified that he was going to be killed — while Harry, not quite seven years old, snuggled on the sofa beside her, trying to comfort her but no doubt confused by her anguish.”

She underlines that both princes endured Diana’s intense drama.

“What is surprising is that Diana confided in her boys and sought comfort from them even though they were still so young,” Junor writes.

Diana ended her affair with Hewitt after he published a book about his romance with her, which she was profoundly hurt by.

Junor comments in her book that it’s surprising Diana didn’t hold back her emotions in front of her sons. She says that of all people, Diana knew what it was like coming from a broken home as a child of divorce herself. The biographer goes on to say that the walls in Kensington Palace weren’t soundproof and everyone could hear the fighting between Diana and Charles. Nannies rotated in and out of the boys’ lives and Diana hated living in the country at Highgrove, which Harry especially loved. He and William lived in an upper-floor section of Kensington Palace later on when the family moved into London, Junor writes.

Yet, despite all the love Princes William and Harry have for their mother and pride they share for her role in their upbringing, Junor doesn’t credit the princess well at all for how they turned out.

“… What almost certainly saved him and his brother was the army of people employed to look after them.

“But while their nannies could keep them occupied and the protection officers could keep them safe, no one could protect them from the emotional extremes of their mother.”

Princess Diana with sons, Princes William and Harry, during a fun photo shoot.

Penny Junor further adds her cold observations of Princess Diana.

“She was the child still nursing those feelings of abandonment and emptiness that she had carried for so much of her life; hell-bent on self-aggrandisement and self-justification — and ultimately, self-destruction.”

More excerpts from Junor’s biography will emerge throughout the week.

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