Must Watch: ‘If Disney Princes Were Real’ Video Goes Viral

What if Disney princes were real? Well that is the exact question that BuzzFeed decided to answer for everyone’s enjoyment. On Sept. 6, a video was posted on Buzzfeed’s YouTube channel that showed how Disney princes (like Prince Charming and Aladdin) would actually act if they were real people living in today’s world. The results? Are pretty hilarious.

For starters, Prince Charming is a conceited jerk who is totally spoiled by his parents. A relationship with him wouldn’t work… unless the woman was “hot” and completely naive. And no, that wasn’t a dig at Cinderella.

The next Disney prince that BuzzFeed checks out is Florian — you know, the dude that falls in love with Snow White. He’s obsessive, possessive, and super awkward. Adam “the beast” from Beauty And The Beast is a dictator… but what else would you expect? And the laughs keep on coming in the 4:33 video, which is totally worth the watch.

According to Kotaku, Disney created characters who would actually be “horrible people.” Of course, that’s why they are fantasy characters… and everything always is so perfect (save for the beast at first) in the movies.

If you’re in the mood for more laughs, check out this video. The Inquisitr posted the video of a “talking dog” who will answer any question for a treat… except one. It’s totally worth the click.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]