Candace Cameron Bure Goes Without Makeup, Looks Lovely At 38 [Photo]

Candace Cameron Bure has still got it! The 38-year-old Full House actress posted a photo of herself without makeup on Instagram — and she looks beautiful. According to Us Weekly, Bure took the photo because she was “bored.” As the site points out, most actors wear a lot of makeup while on set, something that Cameron is used to… however, she hasn’t really done a ton of television save for Dancing With The Stars (and no, she didn’t go makeup free on the show). She has done a few TV movies and things of that nature over the past couple of years, but she seems to be focused on being at home with her family.

There have been several rumors about a Full House revival, but nothing further has been confirmed at this time. If Bure decides to do something with her former cast, her fans would be so thrilled.

Candace Cameron Bure is rumored to be rejoining the new Full House and reviving her role as D.J. Tanner, but many fans don’t think it’s going to be the same. Perhaps the show is going to follow her life as an adult, and will have appearances every now and again from her “family” — like her dad played by Bob Saget, and, of course, her Uncle Jesse played by actor John Stamos. Its unknown if any of the other original cast members will do the show.

According to Enstars, actor Dave Coulier has warned fans not to get too excited.

“Don’t get excited until we’re depositing the checks. Because there’s so much hype in show business and people love to talk-and it’s just talk. It’s that old phrase ‘Talk is cheap,’ so until we are really signing on the dotted line, and I get to see the checks pouring into the mailbox, I’m not going to get excited.”

As far as Candace Cameron Bure, the Inquisitr has reported that Warner Bros. has confirmed that she’s on board to do the show. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that she has signed a contract, it does suggest that she has been in talks with the production company to get this thing off the ground.

Would you be interested in watching a Full House revival? Do you think the original cast would be able to make something like this work? Who was your favorite Full House actor?

[Photo courtesy of Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Us Weekly]