Linkin Park Song Becomes Malta’s New National Anthem – For Almost A Full Second! (VIDEO)

Linkin Park songs have been heard around the world in blockbuster movies, music concerts and iTunes playlists for years. However, there has never been a Linkin Park song used as a national anthem before a big game…until now.

Before the game began, the Maltese internationals stood together in the MSK Zilina Stadium – readily awaiting the start of their national anthem in order to pay respect to their country before they played. However, the DJ must have forgotten to check which song was up next on his playlist, because the Linkin Park hit song, “Numb” started to play instead of the national anthem.

Keep in mind that the DJ was quickly able to fix his mistake within less than a second after the Linkin Park song started to play. However, that quick snippet was easily recognizable by many of the people inside of the stadium Thursday – including the players!

As you can see from the video footage, laughter filled the stadium and the field after this mishap. Thanks to that somewhat pleasant reaction and the DJ’s quick reaction time, he hopefully did not lose his job because of playing a Linkin Park song instead of the national anthem.

To avoid any further confusion, here is what the DJ should have played first when it was time for the Malta national anthem:

Can you hear the resemblance? Probably not!

Each of the members of Linkin Park probably got a big kick of out of this epic failure as well – especially since it’s an effective way of drawing more attention to their music. Linkin Park is currently performing this song on tour as well to the excitement of quite a few fans of all ages:

Perhaps that was all part of the plan? Doubt it! But it makes for a great story, right? Since the news of a popular Linkin Park song replacing the Malta national anthem (temporarily) hit the media, there have been so many hilarious reactions posted on Twitter:

Someone started playing #Numb by #LinkinPark instead of the Malta national anthem in their latest football match. England should do the same

— Ed Hartland (@EdHartland) September 5, 2014

What do you think of this epic mix-up? Should the DJ have been fired for his mistake? Or…did he disrespect Linkin Park by not letting the song play a little longer?