Teenage Schoolgirl Beaten At Bus Stop For Acting ‘Too Much Like A White Person’

An African-American teenage girl from Rock Hill, S.C., was reportedly taunted and beaten by another teen from her high school for acting “too much like a white person.”

The State newspaper reported that while both of the girls involved in the incident are black, one took exception to the other’s “behavior,” taunting her on the school bus and finally beating her at the bus stop when she disembarked.

The incident, which took place last Thursday afternoon, involved students from the Northwestern High School.

The victim of the “reverse racism,” who has remained nameless for now, told police that shortly after she got off the bus on McDow Drive she was attacked by the girl who had been taunting her and was punched violently before her attacker fled the scene.

The Daily Caller reported that eyewitnesses concurred with the Rock Hill police report, which noted that the victim suffered a number of injuries including a serious cut above her right eye. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment.

An eyewitness, Shelly Hemphill, the mother of one of the victim’s friends, saw the assault and came to aid the young girl who she said was on the ground having been tripped over by her attacker. The victim told the police that there had been an ongoing feud between her and the attacker for more than two years.

The victim said that she had refused to fight the girl who attacked her on numerous occasions, but this time the girl simply attacked her anyway.

Hemphill told the reporters that the feud between the two girls had been going on for a while, “It was so bad last year they had to have a police car here when the bus let out,” she said.

Police are regarding the incident as an assault, battery and disorderly conduct case, but they still haven’t managed to catch up with the attacker.