It doesn’t get any more steampunk awesome than this NERF gun

Ya, ya, I’m a steampunk fan. I’ve never hidden that fact even though I probably would never actually own any steampunked items I still think that the creativity that people have to take every day items and turn them into Victorian sci-fi works of art is pretty incredible.

Without a doubt this offering from one steampunker has to not only talk to steampunk fans but steps up the game and tweaks NERF fanatics love of the iconic toy.

The NERF N-Strike Barricade RV-10 is courtesy of someone called faustus70 and is a completely reworked NERF gun using planks from a wooden chair and then wrapped in hand cut aluminum strips. The magazine is big enough to hold ten whistler darts which means not does this gun look cool it’s also a functional NERF gun.

You can order one for yourself on the Etsy page for it and will set upi back $34.95 USD, not counting shipping.

via Geekosystem