December 25, 2017
ISIS Members Are Crybabies When Their Numbers And Terror Fail! [Video]

Throughout the news for the last two to three months, ISIS has been reported to be this monster with increasing numbers and unlimited terror flowing within their ranks. With such tactics as beheading children or burying both women and children alive, it is understandable why many people would be concerned about the terror group just by what we here at The Inquisitr reported. Let's not forget how many Christians the terror group has killed too.

However, it is often explained that the people and groups who inflict the most terror are in reality the biggest cowards around. This is why bullies in the school system always pick on people they deem to be weaker than them. You never hear of a bully picking on someone stronger than them right? That is the same concept, and apparently, there is now a video that shows that ISIS terrorists are just like those bullies.

According to an uploaded video by the Syrian Perspective on their official YouTube Channel, Iraqi government forces caught five ISIS terrorists and had them sitting in submission with their hands tied behind their backs. By how loud and aggressive ISIS members sound when they are screaming out their views and beliefs, people would think members of the terrorist group would be defiant even in defeat. Apparently not, as shown in the video in which some of the members of the group whimpered like scalded dogs because of their predicament.

Mad World News expressed favoritism for the ill-treatment of ISIS in the video in which they reported that the ISIS terrorists did not face their capture with dignity but instead shamed themselves into whimpering and sniveling messes. They even reported that such behavior was ironic with Muslim extremists, because they seem to act "brave" in any videos they release to the public, especially when it came to the executions of Foley and Sotloff.

Now that you've seen the video, we want to know what you think about these ISIS terrorists crying like wusses. Was this a prime example of karma? Or did the Iraqi forces stoop down to the level of the terrorists by humiliating these men despite their transgressions? Please let us know in the comments below.

[Image via YouTube]