Harry Styles Accused Of Having Horrid Breath: Fan Complains After Kiss

A Harry Styles fan was thrilled when she got the chance to kiss her idol, but she ended up gagging rather than swooning after the singer parted his famous pout.

Aly Simpson shared all of the dirty details about Harry Styles' dirty mouth during a recent interview with The Daily Star. Last year Simpson won a radio contest and was given a VIP pass to meet One Direction after the band's concert at Nationwide Arena. Simpson had a blast at the show in Columbus, Ohio, but things went sour when she got a blast of Harry's bad breath.

"I know most guys don't bother too much about freshening their breath but this was pretty foul. It really stopped me in my tracks."

Simpson explained how she got a good whiff of Styles' stinky lips.

"I was so pumped up backstage afterwards that I kind of pounced on Harry after he'd shaken my hand. When I puckered up he smiled and said 'OK then' and I thought it would be a dreamy experience. The kiss lasted no more than two or three seconds but I was really taken aback by the smell of fried onions and ketchup."

From the sounds of it, Aly ambushed a guy who wasn't expecting to kiss anyone. Simpson admits that she's the one who instigated the kiss, so she shouldn't be upset at Harry Styles for being unprepared. One Direction had just finished a grueling show, so perhaps a hungry Hazza simply grabbed a quick bite to eat before greeting the fans with VIP passes. This would explain the "fried onions and ketchup" smell.

Aly Simpson went on to express regret that she kissed Harry Styles.

"It was really kind of rancid and I remember being relieved our kiss wasn't more lingering."

This comment sent some One Direction fans over the edge -- Aly got to live their dream, and all she's doing is complaining about it. Obviously they had some things to say about her interview, and they shared their thoughts on Twitter. One fan had a great response that didn't include calling Aly any bad names.

Simpson went on to advise Harry Styles to keep mints with him at all times, but maybe he should just date the Orbitz girl instead.

According to Business 2 Community, Harry Styles recently tweeted something that left One Direction fans scratching their heads, and it could have something to do with his bad breath.

Fans retweeted Harry's odd message over 130,000 times, but no one seems to know what it means. B2C tried to explain why Directioners went so wild over the nonsensical word.

"So what exactly is The Oooly Tooly? It is literally nothing. It carries no meaning, offers nothing of significance, yet it is trending worldwide because One Direction, and more specifically, Harry Styles, decided it should trend."

Perhaps Harry Styles has invented a minty tongue scraper that scrubs away offensive odors like fried onion and ketchup. If so, he totally needs to appear on Shark Tank.

At least fans can breathe easy knowing that some members of One Direction don't smell like rotten fast food -- as The Inquisitr recently reported, Niall Horan smells like just-washed tighty whities.

During a recent interview, Liam Payne sniffed his pal and revealed that he got a whiff of "fresh cotton." It's a good thing he didn't decide to smell Harry Styles.

[Image via J-14, OceanUp]