Victims Identified, Hypoxia Believed To Be Reason ‘Ghost Plane’ Crashed

A small plane that left Rochester, New York, on Friday, September 5, with a flight plan that had the plane landing in Naples, Florida, crashed in waters off Jamaica, authorities confirmed, after missing its destination and becoming unresponsive.

Larry and Jane Glazer, a married couple of 45 years and prominent leaders in the Rochester community, were making the trek from New York to Florida, but once they passed Naples, two fighter pilots were scrambled by NORAD. Hollywood Life reports that upon catching up to the plane, the fighter pilots saw that the pilot, Larry, was slumped over the controls of the Socata TBM-900.

It has been widely speculated that the plane’s occupants likely suffered from cerebral hypoxia, or a deprivation of oxygen caused by a loss of cabin pressure. This theory is supported by the fighter pilots’ report of “frosted windows,” which is another indication of a loss of cabin pressure, but one of the pilots said that Larry was breathing.

The plane was headed for Cuban airspace and once it arrived, the fighter pilots stopped following the plane.

“Right before I left… we could see that he was actually breathing.”

WGRZ-TV NBC 2 identifies Larry Glazer as a real estate developer and says that within minutes of the crash on Friday afternoon, local officials in New York began issuing public condolences to the Glazer family.

Assemblyman Joseph Morelle of Irondequoit said, “I am deeply saddened to learn of the unconscionable and tragic passing of longtime personal friends, Larry and Jane Glazer. The Glazers believed in the full potential of Rochester and their passion for our community was always on display, whether through their unrivaled commitment to the rebirth of downtown or through their many philanthropic and charitable activities.”

In addition to Glazer’s real estate ventures, Buckingham Properties, he was also president of the TBM Owners and Pilots Association, and information on the Buckingham Properties website noted that “Larry spends some of his spare time on the ground – gardening around his house with his wife, Jane; and some in the sky – flying his plane.”

Buckingham Properties, as well as QCI Direct, a catalog company owned by Jane Glazer, closed early on Friday.

Late on Friday, the Glazers’ children released a statement, saying, “We are devastated by the tragic and sudden loss of our parents, Jane and Larry Glazer. They loved and appreciated the opportunity to help build the community of Rochester, and we thank everyone in the community for their expressions of support. We understand that there are many questions yet to be answered about today’s events, and we too are awaiting answers. At this time, we would appreciate the ability to mourn privately.”

On Sunday, Jamaican officials suspended their search due to bad weather, The Inquisitr reported earlier.