Al Sharpton: Weight Loss Inspired Me To Get Into Fashion

Al Sharpton has dropped the weight, and he’s apparently learning how to look good in his new frame.

The activist turned television host showed up this week to Russell Simmons’ Argyleculture show Friday night at the Helen Mills Gallery.While mingling in a crowd that included 50 Cent, Sharpton said that his weight loss has turned him into quite the fan of fashion.

“Well, I enjoy fashion much more now that I have lost weight and am much thinner than I used to be. I really like shorts and fitted sweaters,” he said.

“I can wear things now that I couldn’t wear before, so fashion has become very important to me and plays a bigger role in my occupation, as well as my personal lifestyle.”

Sharpton, who was once well known for his round figure, lost 170 pounds over the course of four years.

Sharpton said he gave up starches, sugar and processed foods and implemented a daily workout routine. That alone — Al Sharpton denied that he had gastric bypass surgery — helped him drop from 305 pounds down to 135.

“A vegetarian diet has a way of absorbing the stress and gives you greater endurance,” he said. “I don’t eat many starches or [refined] sugars. I just love greens and grains. I eat a lot of salad and fruits. I feel like a new, improved me.”

The Reverend said the weight loss was part of his desire to be a better role model.

“You can’t address our issues and demand social justices when you are a prisoner in your own body,” he told Oprah Winfrey last year. “How do you pastor when they are in the church cafeteria frying? We can’t preach community control when we aren’t practicing self-control.”

Al Sharpton has reaped other benefits from the weight loss. Though he has always been a media veteran, making frequent appearances on television talk and news programs, he now is hosting his own show on MSNBC.