Mila Kunis Forces Ashton Kutcher to ‘Be A Lot More Careful’ — The Reason Might Shock You!

Mila Kunis is already making changes in her life to prepare for the birth of her firstborn child — and she is forcing Ashton Kutcher to make quite a few changes to his life as well!

Recent reports show that Mila Kunis does not appreciate the “daredevil” lifestyle that Ashton Kutcher has been enjoying recently — the same lifestyle that led to his accidental fall during a motocross race back in May. According to one source, Mila has reportedly asked Ashton to “be a lot more careful” when it comes to these types of decisions and hobbies — especially since he is an expecting father!

Another report states that Mila Kunis has also reduced the size of their circle of friends as well while they await the birth of their newborn daughter, communicating mostly with only their closest friends and family members.

Although Mila Kunis still has not announced an official due date for birth of the couple’s first child, most reports claim that the little Kutcher-Kunis baby should be coming into the world any day now. They have already finished preparing the nursery reserved for their daughter in their $10 million mansion in Beverly Hills, according to Us Weekly.

Even with the changes that Mila Kunis has made in her life throughout the final trimester of her pregnancy, she has still managed to maintain a somewhat active lifestyle. For instance, Kunis has regularly been attending her prenatal yoga classes without letup for weeks. She also manages to work out at least one hour during each session to stay in the best shape possible for a woman who is nine months pregnant.

When she was featured on The Ellen Show earlier this year to publicly confirm her pregnancy, Mila Kunis stated she would be having a natural birth.

Ashton Kutcher really has not said very much publicly about his feelings about his engagement to Mila Kunis or even the fact that he is going to be a father very soon. However, from the overabundance of pictures that have been captured over the past two years since he and Mila started seeing each other, it is pretty obvious that he is absolutely happy about this. It is also clear that Ashton and the future Mrs. Kutcher simply want to try to leave this part of their lives as private as possible.

What do you think? Is Mila Kunis doing the right thing by pulling back on the reins of Ashton’s social life and recreational choices? Is she just being an overprotective mother?