Rock Hill Teen Bullied For Acting Too ‘White’

A Rock Hill teen recently told police that she was a victim of bullying on a school bus. The incident occurred Thursday afternoon after another girl told the victim she was acting “too much like a white person.”

The victim was described as a “light-skinned black female” and the attacker was also described as a black female. The attacker is reported to constantly taunt the victim and was very belligerent on the day of the incident.

The police report says that the attacker punched the victim several times before the victim fled. Witnesses have corroborated this story. The victim herself has sustained several injuries to her head, shoulders, and a cut near her right eye. She has been taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

A friend Shelly Hemphill called the police after the victim arrived home and Hemphill saw her injuries. “This isn’t the first time this has happened,” Hemphill said. “It was so bad last year they had to have a police car here when the bus let out.”

The incident goes down as both assault and battery and disturbing school/disorderly conduct. Police are currently searching for the attacker. “Police could not find the alleged attacker Thursday but have patrol officers and school resource officers investigating”, said Mark Bollinger, a Rock Hill Police spokesman.

“The bus is a Northwestern High School bus”, said Elaine Baker, spokesperson for the Rock Hill school district. “School transportation officials reviewed the videotape from the school bus and did not see or hear any incidents. However, the alleged assault happened off the bus and out of view of the video camera, which captures the interior of the bus.”

While school bullying is a serious problem, another report from The Inquisitr states that school shootings are not the result of bullying, but student-teacher conflicts. Teachers seemed to be the decisive factor in the study.

“Researchers within the subproject of the TARGET research network analyzed 37 studies referring to a total of 126 attacks in 13 countries (USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Thailand)…. The study found that 88 percent of the perpetrators had experienced problems and conflicts in their social lives and that 85 percent had been marginalized.”

Bullying is still a serious problem, however, and the attacker needs to be caught and punished for her hateful actions towards a classmate.