WWE News: Reason Behind Triple H’s Disinterest Toward Outside Talent Revealed

There has to be a reason that Triple H doesn’t bring in a lot of outside talent. The WWE, since the Performance Center has been around, isn’t relying heavily on outside wrestlers to come in and carry the company. Before the WWE fans call that statement garbage, below is a list of outside talents that were brought in on the main roster:

  • Brock Lesnar
  • Batista
  • Chris Jericho
  • the Rock
  • RVD

The list for homegrown talents would be too long to list, and Triple H can be heavily thanked for that. His repertoire includes the Wyatt Family, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns. Those are six superstars that will carry the WWE for the next 10 years. Personally, I can’t wait to see the end result of their dominance and imminent success.

Kevin Nash, a long-time friend of HHH, spoke with the Miami Herald about Triple H’s thoughts on bringing in outside talent — and the answer may surprise you.

“We’re not gonna bring in talent from other places who have bad habits and have to correct them. We’re gonna build an actual productive farm team. Then he said the NXT arena will look just like a miniature Raw, so when they walk down that ramp… because that’s really what you see. You see the ring, the barricade around you, and when you’re in the ring, maybe 50 rows of people.”

That’s just the bulk of his response on the question about the “HHH Effect.” If spare time can be found, take a look at the entire interview and enjoy the learning experience. Triple H wanted to make a farm team, like any other professional sports franchise.

Key in on the statement that Nash made when he talked about HHH not bringing in outside talent. People with bad habits will not come to the WWE. Regardless if they are former WWE legends or just random Indy superstars, WWE doesn’t want that kind of bad influence around their product.

Kurt Angle

To be a businessman, there must be an agreement on his strategy. If the opportunity were presented for you to own a business, would you hire people with drug or alcohol addictions? No matter the case, they are not good for a business. HHH wants the best employees possible that will be a good influence on each other.

The locker room is a very underrated portion of professional wrestling, especially the WWE. There are the leaders like John Cena, Kane, the Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, and Goldust. Then, troublemakers are present as well. No names will be rumored, because that’s pure speculation.

However, the point remains clear. HHH doesn’t need bad seeds in his locker room. He is doing the proper thing by building the talent inside his promotion, with the help from ROH superstars, and keeps his growing empire on the rise. If HHH doesn’t bring in Kurt Angle, that’s just one more person he won’t need to worry about.

[Images via What Culture and dailywrestlingnews.com]