‘Married At First Sight’: Who Gets Divorced, Who Stays Married?

On Tuesday night, Married at First Sight fans will find out if any one of the show’s three couples stay married. Jason and Cortney, Jamie and Doug, and Monet and Vaughn must choose to get a divorce or continue on as a married couple on the season finale of FIY’s new reality show.

This seemingly crazy social experiment has captured the attention of countless viewers, but many have questioned why anyone would want to marry a complete stranger on national television. When compared to unrealistic shows like ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, many viewers would agree that, although the premise may be a little odd, the couples who took part in this experiment are the real deal.

This is the first season of Married at First Sight, but it’s been so well-received that FIY recently announced that it will return for a second season. For those interested in getting married without meeting their respective bride or groom, casting is underway on FIY.com.

Unlike many other reality shows, spoilers have been non-existent throughout the first season of Married at First Sight. There has been plenty of speculation as to the outcome of the three marriages, but no one has been able to figure out if the couples are still together. Fans are anxious to find out what happens on Tuesday night, and a spoiler-free show makes the finale even more enticing to watch.

During last week’s episode, all three couples seemed to be “moving forward” in their month-long marriages. Gossip and Gab writes that after the couples talked with spiritual advisor Greg Epstein, it seemed as if “they may just stay together,” but no one will know until the season wraps up on Monday.

The couples all faced different stressors throughout the season, including Jamie catching Doug in a seemingly insignificant lie, Jason and Cortney’s hectic work schedules, and Vaughn and Monet’s petty arguments.

Although Jason and Cortney appear to be the one couple who may be able to make their new marriage work, the Christian Post writes that Jason’s fear of getting hurt in a relationship due to being “hurt several times by his exes.” Cortney stated during the last episode that she definitely wants to stay married, so it appears that the choice to stay married or get a divorce is up to Jason.

“If you’re strong and you know who you are, you can get through anything. So Mr. Jason Nicholas Carrion, I love you. And I want you to make me Mrs. Carrion.”

Monet and Vaughn have no issues when it comes to physical attraction, but they seem to have differences about what they expect from each other in the marriage. Both are very set in their ways, but perhaps that is because they are both passionate people. However, they need to address the issues they struggle with before they have to make a final choice on the Married at First Sight Season Finale.

Jamie has warmed up to Doug throughout the season, despite the fact that she was not attracted to him on her wedding day. The IB Times writes that Doug seems to be a “more secure” in what he wants, but Jamie does not appear to be ready for marriage. The couple are the one of the three who did not consummate their marriage during the show, so time will tell if they continue on and fall in love, or part ways in divorce court.

Will all three couples stay married or will their marriages end in divorce? Tune in to the season finale of Married at First Sight on Tuesday, September 9 at 9 p.m. ET on FYI.