Jessica Simpson Pregnant? Puts Wedding on Hold…

As everyone knows, failure to immediately deny that one is with child is basically a tacit admission of such, at least in gossip columns.

While some celebs have been known to tell a little white lie (one of the few that is totally acceptable because the occupancy status of your uterus is no one’s business but your own) when trying to conceal a pregnancy for personal or work related reasons, most people tend to give up the ghost when asked directly if they’re drinking for two. And this weekend, Simpson responded to “is she or isn’t she requests” with a simple pic of herself posing with fiance Eric Johnson and wearing a floaty dress. Hm.

According to the celeb gossip blog LimeLife, Simpson’s pregnancy was confirmed by an unidentified source:

A source “close to the situation” has told In Touch magazine that Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson are expecting and that she is “already having kooky cravings! Especially nacho chips dipped in chocolate, (which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet) cheese-flavored popcorn and non-alcoholic margaritas.”

Prior to the scoop, Simpson and Johnson put their scheduled Labor Day wedding plans on hold- prompting speculation not that the singer, reality TV star and fashion mogul were expecting, but perhaps that the couple were having difficulties in their relationship. No reason was given for the postponement, and when asked, Simpson and Johnson did not offer a specific reason for the delayed nuptials. Given that the baby is said to be due in the spring, pregnancy could very well be that reason.