This Husky Really, Really Doesn’t Want To Go Home From The Park — Poor Fella!

Is this dog actually talking? We’ve shown you videos of a talking dog before, but in that case, the dog wasn’t actually talking. His voice was dubbed by a clever human.

But this howling husky, well, he really, really doesn’t want to go home from the dog park. Listen to his voice. If that isn’t a human-sounding, “nooo-oooo,” we don’t know what is.

“We caught this little guy refusing to leave the dog park,” wrote the videographer, Josh Gottsegen, on his YouTube page. “His owner claims they visit the dog park every day and he throws a fit each time they leave.”

By the way, if you have a dog that is like this, and refuses to go home from the dog park, it could be that he loves playing — or it could be that he just doesn’t like you.

We don’t like to think of dogs that way, but recent studies have shown that even though you feel a deep love for your dog, he or she may not feel the same way about you.

“There was no evidence to support the view that because a person has a strong emotional bond to their dog, their dog is similarly attached to them,” wrote Therese Rehn, co-author of a study entitled, I Like My Dog, Does My Dog Like Me?