Gearing Up For Fall Travel? Check Out These Surprising Deals

Fall is not only shoulder season in the travel industry — falling in between the vacation-heavy months of summer and winter — but it’s also a prime opportunity to take advantage of some unusual travel deals. Time magazine’s money section identified a few unique ways to get out of town while saving a few dollars.

In order to follow Time‘s suggestions, travelers will have to be a little bit flexible. Consider a road trip that only goes one way, for example, since fall is the season that car rental companies move around their inventory. Road-trippers can actually get a discount for picking up the car in one location and dropping it off in another — a scheme that usually comes with an extra fee at other times of the year.

The deals apply not only to cars, but RVs. Time noted that RV rentals through Cruise America, which go for $100 or more per day might be as cheap as $30 per day in the fall, if drivers want to start in places like Seattle or Denver and drop off the vehicles at company headquarters in Mesa.

This phenomenon of inventory rejigging applies also to bigger vehicles: those that run on water and come fully equipped with on-board entertainment. Cruise ships typically undertake the same process of moving around their boats, usually offering one-way trips from cold ports such as Boston to warmer-weather locales such as Tampa. Time says this can save passengers $50 per day.

The Daily Mail reported last week that Britons travel in large numbers because of cheap travel deals and the stress of day-to-day life. According to the report, 41 percent of people in Britain only wait six months between vacations. The statistic comes from a poll conducted by, an online travel agency.

Those looking to escape the U.K. — or anywhere else — might want to consider going to the Caribbean in the fall. Time reports that hotels and resorts offer deep discounts in the early autumn because that’s hurricane season. Travelers who are prepared to chance the weather can get up to 35 to 50 percent off stays in places like Jamaica through to mid-December.

The Inquisitr previously reported on deals for Labor Day, but travel can be cheap with the right mix of timing and flexibility. Woman’s Day advised readers to shop for groceries instead of patronizing restaurants while out of town and getting cozy with the concierge about where to find the best rates on local attractions.

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