College Freshmen: They Rarely Say What They Mean, So Here Is What They’re Really Saying

It’s that time again — time for college freshmen to arrive on campus, move in to their new dorm rooms, and meet other college freshmen. Maybe you have one of these strange creatures called “freshmen” in your own family.

Understandably, being away from the home for the first time is difficult. In most cases, most freshmen don’t know quite what to say to this new group of insta-friends. The result is that they rarely say what they mean.

But now, thanks to our mostly college-educated insta-friends at BuzzFeed, we can reveal to you what college freshmen are really thinking – and what it would sound like if they said exactly what was on their minds.

One of the most important pieces of advice for incoming freshmen is to get to know your roommate. But as this video reveals, while getting to know the new roomie may be a necessity, it’s not exactly on every freshman’s priority list.

Then of course there’s the inevitable, “I’m going to pursue you — sexually.” Hey, just being honest! Few freshmen will say it. They all think it — about someone they meet on that first day.

So check out this BuzzFeed look inside the minds of college freshmen. But be warned, inside those minds is some NSFW language.