Jada Pinkett Smith Hits New York Fashion Week, And Talks ‘Gotham’

Jada Pinkett Smith turned heads with an appearance at New York Fashion Week, and she wasn’t the only one. According to New York Magazine, photographers at Christian Sirano’s Spring 2015 Fashion Show were all abuzz at the woman who sat next to Pinkett Smith. The woman is described as bearing a strong resemblance to Pinkett Smith, but appearing to be only a few years older. A reporter assumed that the woman was Pinkett Smith’s sister, but was quickly corrected by Pinkett Smith herself. It seems the woman next to her was actually her mother. It’s never been a secret that the 42-year-old actress has fabulous genes, now we see where she got them.

After the fashion show, the New York Post caught up with Pinkett Smith and asked her about the upcoming series,Gotham. When asked if comparisons to the wildly popular Christopher Nolan series concerned her, Pinkett said she wasn’t worried.

“It’s an origin story, and we haven’t seen that…We just haven’t seen how Batman came to be, and the Joker and the Riddler, and what the mob families were like during the earlier era of Gotham … so I think that keeps it out of the comparison.”

While Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton’s time at the helm of Batman films did include some origin, both cases focused on an adult Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, or already having been Batman. On Gotham, Bruce Wayne will be played by 13-year-old David Mazouz. The series will focus on the city of Gotham before Batman.

The main star of Gotham is Ben McKenzie in the role of young Detective James Gordon. Pinkett Smith will play Fish Mooney, a character created specifically for Gotham. Entertainment Weekly speculated on the purpose and future of Pinkett Smith’s character, though at least one of those theories has already been debunked. Selena Kyle will be played by Camren Bicondova, not by Willow Smith.

While promoting Gotham, Pinkett Smith also appeared on Net-a-porter, a high-end fashion website. In a feature article, Pinkett Smith spoke more about her upcoming turn as a villain.

“Playing a villain is really about diving into your own personal shadows. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s definitely fun,” Pinkett Smith says.

One shadow certainly not hanging over Pinkett Smith is the Child Protective Services. Earlier this year, an investigation was opened after photos of Willow Smith in bed with an older man surfaced on the internet. Both Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith were cleared during the investigation.

Gotham airs on Monday nights beginning September 22 on FOX.