Flight 370 May Never Be Found: 1,000 Possible Flight Paths Have Officials Saying There Is ‘No Guarantee’

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may never be found, this according to the chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. According to The Telegraph, Martin Dolan said there are 1,000 possible flight paths that the missing Boeing 777 could have taken back in March, and pinpointing where the plane went down (presuming, of course, that’s what happened) might be impossible.

“I don’t want to raise the hopes of the families of the people who were lost in this accident and then dash them again. I don’t want to create a false hope. But I don’t want them to write it off either because we do think we have a reasonable prospect. We just don’t have a guarantee.”

Flight 370 has been missing since March 8. Families of the 239 passengers (including crew members) on board have been nothing but frustrated with the search, losing more and more hope each day that they don’t get the closure that they all so desperately seek. Of course, not finding the plane (or its wreckage) has been a very real concern from the beginning. Since most people believe the plane went down somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean, finding pieces of the aircraft, bodies, or any other items might be impossible. But shouldn’t something have surfaced by now?

For those that think that the Malaysia Airlines plane is somewhere else — and not at the bottom of the ocean — well, they also could be right. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are several conspiracy theories that surround the case of the missing plane. One suggests that the pilot killed all of the passengers on board and then landed the plane in another country. Other theories suggest that the plane was taken down by the military (either U.S. or Russia), that the plane landed on Diego Garcia Island, or that the plane was hijacked by terrorists and taken to Afghanistan to be used as a weapon of mass destruction at a later date.

In other Malaysia Airlines news, The Epoch Times reports that the company has scrapped the name of their new contest in which passengers could win free flights. “My Ultimate Bucket List Campaign,” seemed way too awkward given the fact that two Malaysia Airlines planes had bad experiences in the past six months. Clearly no one has “fly Malaysia Airlines to an exotic location” on their bucket list…

At this point, many wish that the airline would focus more on locating flight 370 than running contests.

[Photo courtesy of The Mirror UK]