Is This Alabama Abortion Clinic Targeting Middle Schoolers?

Over the last two weeks, the war between pro-life and pro-choice suddenly sparked in aggressiveness when The Inquisistr reported on how the socially-viral ALS ice bucket challenge. Why? In our article, we reported how the funds for the challenge would go to fund ALS research, which may use embryonic stem cells that are primarily harvested from aborted fetuses. We then had another report in which a secondary look was taken on ALS research in association to the topic of abortion. While the argument with ALS pursued, out of left field, PBS announced a documentary that shows the “human side” of late-term abortions and the people who do them.

Now there are reports of an Alabama abortion clinic trying to reopen their doors in a new location after closing down. The controversy is where the new abortion clinic will be located: in front of a middle school.

According to an article by AL, anti-abortion activists are slapping a lawsuit on Dalton Johnson in an attempt to prevent him from reopening his abortion clinic in front of a middle school. The new located would be on Sparkman Drive in northwest Hunstsville, Alabama, where the building used to serve as a medical clinic and obstetric-gynecology practice. The lawsuit also contends the zoning board and Jim McGuffey, the city’s manager of planning services, “erroneously determined” that the Alabama Women’s Center could move into a residential district based on a 16-year-old use variance.

Summarized, this means the abortion clinic is considered a hospital satellite site in which they are allowed to open in areas zoned as residential. Dana Cody, president and executive director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, has argued this in the following statement.

“An abortion provider is in no way comparable to a hospital satellite site. There is absolutely no correlation between pregnancy termination – which destroys preborn life – and a hospital clinic that promotes healing and wellness. To draw such a comparison is ludicrous.”

Charisma News reported on community reaction, which is primarily against the abortion clinic. Rev. James Henderson is just one of the many locals participating in the lawsuit, which was denied in its initial appeal. Despite this, Henderson, and others, are still standing strong.

“This is, of course, round one of the appeal, but I have no doubt that our case regarding this variance is correct. The wording of the variance is extremely clear, as are the 1998 Zoning Board minutes — it only applies to an out-patient clinic under management of the Board of Huntsville Hospital. A new facility requires a new variance. It’s that simple.”

Either you may be pro-life or pro-choice, do you think the abortion clinic opening in front of a school is a form of promotion? Do you think Dalton Johnson is targeting middle school kids? Please let us know in the comments below.

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