Kat Von D Tattooed Lady Gaga Before She Was Famous [Video]

Kat Von D has put her ink on plenty of artists throughout her TV tattoo career on TLC’s Miami Ink and LA Ink. She even once gave Lady Gaga a tattoo back in 2008 before Gaga turned into the mega-celebrity she is today.

Radar Online reports that Gaga got the lower back tattoo from Kat Von D just months before her debut album would catapult her to international stardom.

Lady Gaga says in the video:

“I’m a singer but I’m also a songwriter for other artists… I’ve just been working and doing shows… I worked with New Kids on the Block last night. It was rad!”

Here’s the video of Kat Von D giving Lady Gaga a tattoo.

Here’s a picture of what I assume is the finished product.

lady gaga

Three years after Kat Von D put her ink on Lady Gaga, the Mother Monster became one of the biggest stars in the world. Lady Gaga is currently using her star power to pressure President Obama into passing anti-bullying legislation.

Kat Von D, who just split from her fiance Jesse James, has also had a pretty successful three years. The Miami Ink star got her own tv show, LA Ink, which will air its final episode on Thursday, October 6th.

So what do you think of Lady Gaga before she was Lady Gaga? If you forgot about the blonde wig and the skin tight sparkling blue pants, she looked pretty normal in 2008.