E-book Collections for Amazon Kindle Reaching More Libraries, Offering More Content

An increasingly large number of libraries have begun offering Amazon Kindle E-Book rentals to their patrons and now the Library On The Go E-book collection is available to those customers.

We learned about the program (libraryonthego.org) from the Helen Matthes Library in Chicago where patrons are able to download eBooks and audiobooks for their PC, Mac, mobile devices, MP3 players and eBook readers.

Using their library card users can check out best-selling and classic eBooks directly from the library’s website while retaining full use of Amazon Whispersync technology which provides for synchronizing notes, highlighting and marking the last page read.

Pushing their program as the next generation of library check-outs the Helen Matthes Library is even giving away a brand new Amazon Kindle to one lucky resident who signs up for a library card before the end of September.

Library programs throughout the United States have begun turning to technology in an effort to drive more people to their locations, along with eBook check-out capabilities thousands of locations also now offer Red Box movie machines and full computer labs for use by their patrons.

Do you think the Library on the Go program is a good way to drive in business at public libraries?