Fall Beauty Tips For The Warm, Natural Look

As the days get cooler, and we trade in our sundresses and sandals for sweaters and boots, don’t forget to update your beauty routine in order to reflect the changing weather. Here are some of the best fall beauty tips and trends from around the web.

1. Stay natural. Using a light and naturally-colored foundation, paired with a natural shade of blush, keeps your face fresh for fall. A natural face is always a quintessential look, no matter what the season may be.

2. Consider letting your brows benefit from the natural look, as well. Keep them trimmed, but don’t go overboard with the tweezers. Robert Bolanos, a celebrity brow expert, suggests, “Tweeze strays where necessary, then fill in your brows with a pencil one shade lighter than your natural brow color.” Using a lighter shade creates a softer, more natural look, whereas using the same shade of pencil will make your brows look harsh. This fall is all about looking soft and natural.

3. Choose lips or eyes – but not both. Make one of your features stand out by applying dramatic make-up, but leave the other feature more understated. Otherwise, it will be too overwhelming. Think, for example, of pairing a bold, smokey-eye look with a neutral shade of lip gloss.

4. Try a new haircut. The hottest cut around right now is the classic bob. You can either go short, stopping at your jawline with added razor-cut layers for a softer look or go slightly longer with a below-the-chin length. It’s a cut that flatters almost universally, according to Dimitrios Tsioumas, creative director at Mizu New York Salon, who adds, “Besides looking great on all face shapes, it can be styled straight or wavy and still look chic.” It’s the perfect cut for fall, easily styled and easily changed.

5. Speaking of hair…don’t be afraid to go red! The color, which may sound bold and intimidating, is actually known to warm up all skin tones, and you can always try it out first by using a semi-permanent hair-dye or foam that washes out. Try going for more of a copper shade if you are fair-skinned, auburn for olive skin tones and mahogany for darker skin tones. Fall is all about creating warmth!

6. Keep your skin hydrated. Fall is lovely, but it can dry out your skin. But don’t limit yourself to just the heavier cream-based skin lotions. Try a facial oil, which is just as moisturizing and actually sink into your skin quicker, which means you don’t have to wait as long to apply your make-up. Facial oils also tend to feel lighter, as well. (For more tips on how to keep your skin looking great, click here.)

7. Charcoal isn’t just for the grill – it’s the new color in eyeliner for fall. Heavy eyeliner is actually in, but use charcoal instead of a black pencil. Black eyeliner looks a little too heavy and severe for this fall’s looks.

8. Violet eyes are in. The great thing about purple shades is that they flatter every skin tone. Try to avoid going too light in shade. Prep your lids with concealer, then sweep your favorite purple shade from your lash line to crease. Using your new charcoal eyeliner, create definition on your eye by tracing across your upper lid as close to your lashes as possible, then apply mascara.

Beauty tips and trends change as often as the seasons do, so make sure you keep your look current! What are some of your favorite fall beauty tips and trends?

[Image via Ask April]