IKEA’s Hilarious ‘Bookbook’ Video Shows The Power Of Its New Gadget [Video]

There are so many options technological options available now, its hard to know what’s right for you. IKEA is offering one more choice that might make all the difference, the “Bookbook.” IKEA released the viral youtube video titled “Experience the power of the Bookbook” to show users the power of this new/old tool.

Walking into a Best Buy looking for the right devices to suit your life can be difficult. Should you buy a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or phablet. As IKEA’s Apple parody explains, you can get all (or almost all) the features of these devices with the Bookbook. IKEA shows it can be amazingly versatile.

As the youtube author explains,

“At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas.”

The Bookbook is more commonly known as an IKEA catalog and doesn’t need any advertisement. IKEA ships out about 198 million copies of the Bookbook each year. But it can’t hurt to try to spread the word around in the highly competitive information gadget market.

The Bookbook ad was published on Youtube.com on September 3rd, in the the four days since has received about 7 million views.

The satirical piece takes on the common silicon-valley style marketing epitomized by Apple. Appearing as a normal advertisement for the latest technological gadget, Bookbook, which is the newest IKEA catalog, has the style down line for line.

There is one question left hanging by the youtube page. It says that the Bookbook will be available in IKEA stores on September 8th in Malaysia and September 18th in Singapore. So when will the American public get their first glimpse of the Bookbook?

[Image Credit: Youtube.com]