Miley Cyrus Wrecking Balls Into New York Fashion Week With Only Nipples Covered Before Making Out With Alexander Wang

Oh, Miley Cyrus. When you’re not busy licking hammers, you’re showing up to Alexander Wang’s New York Fashion Week after-party wearing glittery ice-cream cone pasties instead of a shirt — not to mention making out with Wang, and who knows what else that didn’t end up on Cyrus’ social media today.

Especially after a “Harajuku-mall” rave last year, Wang’s parties are always considered one of the best of fashion week, according to New York Magazine. Last night, he held the event in an East Williamsburg, Brooklyn warehouse where celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Brad Goreski showed up to dance until dawn along with Miley.


Paper Magazine, who had a reporter on the scene, detailed the arrival of Cyrus as the scene-stealing moment of the night.

“For starters, she was topless (and wearing pasties). And chain-smoking weed. And twerking. D**n, the girl is ALWAYS on brand. Props, Miley — keep doing you.

“At one point, DJ Uniiqu3 put on Migos’ ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘Hannah Montana’ herself writhed and smoked and smoked and writhed onstage while a sweaty sea of twentysomething fashion punks stood transfixed. The girl was basically doing nothing and yet most of the warehouse stood rapt as if we were watching a concert.”

Outside of the Miley sighting, Paper further described the heavily hush-hush event as one of the most exclusive New York parties of the year, despite the number of average folk who were spotted snapping photos with Cyrus.

“The party had originally been billed as one of the couple’s ‘Lowbrow Despicable’ warehouse ragers and no one — not even the DJs on the bill — were totally aware of the Alexander Wang affiliation until two massive party buses arrived on the scene around 12:30am, delivering the designer and his posse. They were all wearing (or carrying) plastic animal masks.”

What did you think of Miley Cyrus’ ice-cream-cone pasties outfit? What about her pill-covered sunglasses?

[Image via RCA]