‘Hell On Wheels’ Actress Also Budding Country Songstress, Releases Music Video [VIDEO]

Fans of the hit AMC show Hell On Wheels will recognize her as the new wife of Cullen Bohannon, the show’s star. But MacKenzie Porter has just released a new music video, as announced by way of a tweet from the official Hell On Wheels twitter.

Porter’s video for the song “Misfit Parade” is a fun, country song, although it could easily be remixed into a pop smash ala Taylor Swift, and the video is fun and colorful — nothing like Hell On Wheels, though it just happens to include some railroad imagery.

Hell on Wheels is focused around the construction of the first transcontinental railroad, just after the end of the Civil War. Bohannon, a Mississippi native who fought as a Calvary captain with the Confederate States Army, lost his first wife, child and plantation as the end of the war neared. A platoon of Union soldiers that included a Union Pacific foreman were responsible.

Bohannon, in a quest for revenge, found himself at Hell on Wheels, the moving town set up along the railroad tracks as the building of the railroad commenced.

After arriving at Hell On Wheels, Bohannon becomes intertwined with a Mormon family whose property the railroad had hoped to pass through. Bohannon and one of the Mormon daughters go for a rustle in the barn. We later learn that the daughter, Naomi, played by Porter, became pregnant with Bohannon’s child. Bohannon and Naomi marry. Entertainment Weekly recently discussed Porter being cast as Bohannon’s wife.

“Misfit Parade” is the fourth music video by Porter and the second this year. MacKenzie Porter is from Canada and was nominated by the Canadian County Music Association for the Rising Star award last year and this year has been nominated for Female Artist of the Year.

Porter also has a long list of filmography credits dating back to 2007. In 2012 she played the role of a country singer in a movie originally titled Gay Dude. The film was later renamed Date and Switch. Also that year, she appeared in an episode of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. Last year, Porter was nominated for the Leo Award for Best Female Lead In A Television Movie.

Watch Hell On Wheels on Saturday nights beginning at 9pm EST on AMC, or better yet, visit Hell On Wheels, meet the cast and have an experience worth writing a few songs about.