Tallulah Willis Hangs Out With ‘Gaunt’ Mom Demi Moore Post-Rehab

Tallulah Willis is out of rehab and was spotted spending some time with her mom, Demi Moore, this weekend. According to Mail Online, Tallulah and Demi were at Demi’s home in the Pacific Palisades on Friday. The two women hopped in Moore’s car and headed out to an unknown location. Tallulah looked good — healthy — even though she did look a little tired.

“Tallulah kept is casual in denim shorts paired with a tie-dye hoodie and beige flats. She wore her blue hair in a bun as she busily checked her phone while making her way to their car.”

Tallulah Willis was in rehab for about six weeks for drug and alcohol abuse according to Radar Online. Tallulah recently opened up about having an eating disorder and struggling with body dysmorphia, which also may have caused her to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Sources say that Tallulah made the decision to go to rehab after she was given an ultimatum by her parents, who threatened to “take everything from her.” Demi Moore and Bruce Willis really stepped up to the plate and were able to convince their daughter to go to rehab, which is likely a good thing. Some say that things were getting pretty bad for the 20-year-old, and this trip to rehab could have saved her life.

Tallulah had a very hard time watching her mother go through two splits. When Demi and her husband Ashton Kutcher announced their divorce in 2012, Demi checked into rehab. Sources say that this really bothered Tallulah. “When Demi was hospitalized [in 2012], Tallulah didn’t show up to school for days because she was too embarrassed.”

Tallulah Willis has taken her struggle with body dysmorphia public, and has even sort of made fun of herself in the process. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tallulah recently posted photos of herself on Twitter, showing off what looked like a baby bump. She even used hashtags including “new life, new beginnings, baby on board, happy, and blessed.” She added “cats out of the bag,” as a caption to one of the photos.

For some reason, pointing out her stomach and making comments of that nature was a way for Tallulah to deal with what she was going through. She said it before the tabloids did, so in a way, she won.

It is clear now, however, that Tallulah won’t be making Demi and Bruce grandparents.

[Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty Images North America via Zimbio]