WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Wins Court Case Against Vince McMahon And WWE

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio seems to have gotten a bad rap by WWE. The former WWE Champion was fired for hitting a Social Media employee with WWE. Most felt that Del Rio doing this was wrong. Why hit a guy randomly? That was before we knew the whole story. Del Rio hit the man due to a racist comment he made about Del Rio, who is a Mexican.

Due to his Hispanic Heritage, WWE loved having him. He helped their Hispanic audience well, and WWE pushed him to the moon and back until the last year or so. This made many wonder why WWE would fire him over something where he was clearly only defending himself against a racist moron.

The reason was that the Social Media guy wanted to press charges against WWE, but WWE officials talked him out of it. They pretty much had to fire Alberto Del Rio to help settle the issue and make sure the lawsuit was dropped. Triple H was said to have told Del Rio to keep his nose clean and gave the impression that they would re-hire him.

This happened with Daniel Bryan years ago. During the Nexus debut, Bryan went above and beyond to sell the Nexus attack and choked WWE Announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie. Known as tie-gate, Bryan was released shortly after for going too far. WWE pretty much told him that they would want to have him back in a few months when things blow over. All he had to do was keep from getting into any trouble.

Bryan did just that and actually ended up working a huge Independent tour once released from WWE. He ended up making more money from it all as well, due to his WWE exposure he was more popular than ever.

He returned and the rest was history. So WWE felt they could do similar with Del Rio, the catch was that Del Rio was planning to leave WWE when his contract was up anyway, as he was getting older and needed to get away from the WWE schedule.

Alberto Del Rio Vince McMahon

When WWE cuts a talent, they have a 90 day no-compete clause. This clause was big for WWE as WWE had issues with talent jumping ship in the 1990’s. Many would show up at WCW within days or weeks of being released from WWE. Once a talent is cut, they can work at Independent shows but cannot appear on a televised event for 90 days.

Del Rio felt like he was let go for a stupid reason, so he took the WWE to court so that he could have the no compete clause dropped. Del Rio wanted to work with AAA in Mexico, and due to the fact that they are televised he would be unable to do so as a released WWE talent.

Del Rio won his case against WWE and is now able to appear with any promotion he chooses.

Now going by El Patron, he claims after the win:

“It is unconstitutional that you cannot work… Thanks to lawyers and support of AAA, I can fight without any problems.”

The debut on El Patron in AAA is set for Sept. 14 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. El Patron will team up with La Parka and Myzteziz to face Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Texano Jr. and Averno in the main event.

So for Mexican fans, this show looks pretty good. Former WWE star Mistico who once played the Sin Cara character is said to be at the event as well.

WWE also saw Rey Mysterio show up at the AAA event, which enraged them. Rey is still under WWE contract as they extended it without his permission. He stopped cashing WWE checks a while back. He is attempting to get out of his deal, so maybe it can be two for two with AAA. Who knows?

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