Pregnant Woman Has Two Choices: Stay With Pedophile Husband Or Her Baby

A pregnant woman has two choices that social services has proposed to her; she can either stay with her pedophile husband or her baby.

Echo Liverpool reports that the woman is married to a convicted pedophile and former primary school teacher. He was convicted in 2009 for possessing 100,000 indecent images of children.

Social services reportedly has “significant and overwhelming concern” for the unborn baby’s safety based on “the sexual risk” by the father. The couple has requested that their names not be released.

The pregnant woman’s husband served 15 months in prison and claims that he’s learned his lesson and deserves another chance.

“People talk about rehabilitation and getting back into society, I’ve tried doing that and I’m getting treated like I’m a piece of scum.”

When the two met on their first date last summer, “Mr. X” was upfront with “Mrs. X” about his criminal past. She tells Echo that she’s never been with someone who had a criminal past.

“I’ve never been involved with someone with a criminal past. I was shocked and disgusted. He said he understood if I didn’t want to see him again. I said I needed some time to think about it. A couple of days later he came round and I asked him a lot of questions. I think it’s despicable what he did but he was remorseful when he told me. I understand he is sorry about what he did and I believe he would never do anything again.”

Mr. X, 46, was convicted of possessing level four and five indecent images; this is the most severe category of child pornography. He has completed a sex offender’s rehabilitation course.

Mrs. X, 38, is eight-months pregnant. She and her husband decided to try for a child even though they knew it was a possibility social services would get involved. Social workers have met with the couple and have gathered reports detailing their worries for the baby’s well-being. They plan to take legal action in court before the baby is born.

The document devised by social services suggests that Mr. X not ever be alone with the baby. According to the report, the pregnant woman has two choices. She realizes that she must choose between staying with her pedophile husband or her child.

“It’s an impossible choice. No one should be forced to make that kind of choice,” Mrs. X says.

Social services explains that Mrs. X is “vulnerable” and “is likely to become collusive and protective of Mr (X) to the detriment of the child.”

Mrs. X’s midwife told her that even if she doesn’t choose staying with the baby’s father through separation, the court can still take the child away from her if they think she’ll be in contact with the convicted pedophile.

The couple are aware that they may not be able to take the baby home after the birth. Mr. X says they’ve resigned themselves to the fact that they’re “going to lose him when he’s born.” He’s concerned about the stress that his pregnant wife is under.

A council spokesman for social services says their focus is on protecting the child.

“We do not comment on individual cases for confidentiality reasons, but our top priority is always the welfare and safety of a child.”

Baby Center posed the question to their community over whether they believe the baby should be taken away from the woman if she decides to stay with her pedophile husband. Varying degrees of answers were posted, but a large number say the child should be taken away from the mother for putting it at risk.

[Image via Food Safety Liberation Council]