Mexican Drug Cartel Leaves Five Severed Heads Outside School

In yet another gruesome example of Mexican drug cartel control five severed heads were found outside of an elementary school in Acapulco this week.

At this time victims of the crime have not been identified. The “message” left by a powerful drug cartel comes at a time when teachers have went on strike rather than give up half of their salaries to local drug gangs who have threatened to harm them.

Conditions in the once popular tourist location have continued to worsen however one veteran educator believes the strike could be a pivotal turning point for the area, telling NPR:

“I believe that this fight that the teachers are making is a defining moment, because … I’m convinced that teachers have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in every house, every neighborhood, every street, every family.”

Just last week I reported on another decapitation, in that case a female in a Mexico/Texas border town spoke out online against the deadly Zeta’s gang only to have her body and head put on display next to one another with a warning note to other social media users.

Mexican officials have addressed ways to deal with the problems drug cartels are inflicting on their country, unfortunately deep rooted corruption and a lack of a focused government has allowed local drug gangs to over run cities all the way to the U.S. border.