Teresa Giudice Divorce: ‘RHONJ’ Star Preparing To Leave Husband After Sentencing?

Teresa Giudice divorce rumors haven’t stopped. Just about three weeks away from the sentencing hearing that could send The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star and her husband to prison for fraud, the public has become nearly obsessed with what’s going to happen.Will Joe and Teresa go to jail? Will they get divorced? Will they have to sell their New Jersey mansion? All of these questions will have answers soon.

As for how the couple is handling everything, they are both staying positive. Apparently, that’s not cool for some media outlets, however. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Teresa is in denial. The reality star is spending her last couple of weeks of freedom with her friends and family… drinking and partying her butt off.

“[She lives] in complete denial and [is spending her] final free days shooting a reality TV show, partying with [her] friends, and hanging out on the beach.”

Teresa Giudice is facing about two years behind bars following a plea deal. While there is still a chance that she might not serve any time, it is unknown how the judge is going to rule in the case. Her husband Joe Giudice faces about four years in prison, and many believe that he will be going to jail for sure. If this happens, and Teresa does not go to jail, many believe that she will divorce Joe. Not because she wants to, however, but because it would be a smart business decision for her family.

Money is definitely going to be an issue for the Giudices. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teresa and Joe recently settled their bankruptcy case, which is a pretty big weight lifted off of their shoulders. However, Teresa and Joe will more than likely have to pay restitution and/or other fines which could total over a million dollars. A divorce could save Teresa some money — some significant money — which is likely the only reason she’d consider leaving Joe.

Teresa Giudice hasn’t slowed down any since finding out she and Joe were charged with several counts of fraud and tax evasion. If anything, Teresa has been working more than normal. She has done several appearances and even sold her autograph to make some extra cash. According to KPopStarz, Tre has been charging $25 cash for her John Hancock… you know, so she doesn’t have to claim the money. Who knows if that’s actually true?

On Sunday night’s episode of RHONJ, fans watched as Joe and Teresa pleaded guilty to fraud charges. “I can’t believe that this is my life,” Tre says.

Teresa and Joe are due in court on Oct. 2.

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]