Zoe Kravitz Debuts New Film ‘Good Kill’ At Venice Film Festival

There was a time when Zoe Kravitz was best known as Lenny Kravitz’s daughter. Those days have come and gone long ago as the musician and actress is definitely making a name all her own. This weekend, the Divergent co-star debuted her new film at the Venice film festival titled Good Kill.

The actress is making her second appearance alongside January Jones as the two were first on opposite sides and then teammates in the Marvel Comics film X-Men: First Class. Good Kill tell also stars Ethan Hawke and Jake Abel. According to Just Jared, the film centers around a family man and drone pilot who starts to question the job he is doing. This kind of film seems to be hinting at a changing culture and a new topic from which Hollywood can pull movie ideas.

Zoe Kravitz will be suiting up as an airforce pilot who works alongside Hawke’s character in this new film. One of the truly impressive aspects of actress is she never seems to play the same role twice (at least until she reprises her role from Divergent in the upcoming sequel, Insurgent.) She has had to fight off claims she is only famous because of her parents but she’s recently become one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood and has made appearances in major films.

Kravitz will also appear in the upcoming Mad Max reboot Fury Road as one of the many road wandering misfits. As Toast, the actress will be able to introduce a whole new generation to one of the most revered Science Fiction franchises in movie history. She also takes quite a few roles in smaller independent films in order to stay true to her craft. This year alone, Lenny Kravitz’s daughter is actually appearing in four different films.

Lenny might have considered himself a bit of an actor as well, but he was never getting the sheer volume of films Zoe Kravitz has managed. Zoe Kravitz is also well known for truly getting into her role and going the extra mile in order to truly live her character. One report pointed out the film star actually ate clay in order to lose 20 pounds so she would look the part of an anorexic girl.

If her devotion to the job is any indication it seems likely the actress’s career is only getting started. Zoe Kravitz looks to have staying power other famous kids have never been able to generate.