Has Anyone Seen Mike Hunt? LA City Council Meeting Falls for 8th Grade Prank

Mike Hunt was a no show at a recent LA City Council meeting, leaving the administrator to wonder, “Where is Mike Hunt.” I mean, if Mike Hunt signed up to speak at the LA City Council meeting… it would just be rude if he didn’t show up to speak.

A councilman summoned:

“Has anyone seen Mike Hunt? Anyone? I’m looking for Mike Hunt.”

But no one responded.

Here’s the video of the LA City Council Meeting as they search for Mike Hunt.

Did you hear the faint laughter of two 8th grade boys from the back of the room?

Of course (as Gawker points out) there could actually be a Mike Hunt residing in the LA area who wanted to speak at the council meeting yesterday. But Mike Hunt was probably busy hanging out with Al Coholic, Seymour Butts, and Hue Jass.

But don’t worry LA City Council, you aren’t the only ones to get fooled by adolescent pranksters. Moe has fallen for the same routine on countless occasions.

Has anyone seen Jaque Strap?

What about I.P. Freeley?

What do you think? Was the LA City Council pranked by an imaginary Mike Hunt? Or is there a man with an unfortunate name walking around Los Angeles bemoaning his one chance to make a difference in the city?