Lil Wayne Is Nicki Minaj’s ‘King’

Lil Wayne is probably feeling pretty good right about now.

It’s no secret that Young Money artists tend to think rather highly of Weezy; after all, he and Birdman were instrumental in launching quite a few careers. However, when someone like Nicki Minaj refers to you as “the king,” chances are the ego swells and the head grows a bit larger. Just ask Lil Wayne.

During her recent chat with the folks over at Fader, the “Anaconda” rapper discussed her professional relationship with Wayne. At one point during the interview, Minaj said she enjoys the “conversations” she has with Weezy. However, Nicki has a difficult time feeling as though she’s on the same level as her mentor.

As you can tell, she’s got nothing but love for Lil Wayne.

“Now we can have conversations and enjoy each other,” she says. “But I don’t think I’ll ever feel like he’s my peer because of how much he’s done for me. I’ll always think of him like… the king. I give Wayne credit because he saw me and pretty much picked me out of a lineup, and he knew enough to run with Drake as well. From early on, he was so generous with helping younger artists, and it paid off well for him.”

For Lil Wayne, the feeling is definitely mutual. Earlier this year, Weezy was quick to declare Nicki one of the world’s greatest rappers. Instead of sticking her into the “greatest female rapper” category, Wayne dropped that genre-oriented descriptor and tossed Minaj on the same pedestal as her male contemporaries. Can you feel the love?

Lil Wayne also had nothing but kind things to say about Kendrick Lamar and fellow Young Money star Drake. Instead of declaring himself the greatest rapper alive — something he’s done several times in the past — Wayne decided to pass the love on to other artists.

“I am not going to be jumping out here talking about, ‘I’m the best.’ I would just say I’d like to be remembered as a good spirit, a good soul, like a Willie Nelson… like a Snoop Dogg.”

Are you surprised that Nicki Minaj still thinks of Lil Wayne as “the king”?

[Lead image via BET]