Calvin Harris Believes He Doesn’t Owe Rita Ora Anything

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora didn’t have the cleanest breakup earlier this year. In fact, you could say their split was downright messy.

Although the former couple have dropped subtle hints about the situation over the past few months, neither Harris nor Ora have officially weighed in on the matter. As a result, their fans are currently forced to rely on secondhand information from anonymous sources. These nameless individuals always seem to have the inside scoop, which strongly suggests that you should take all the info with a grain of salt.

The latest rumor surrounding Calvin Harris and his ex paints a portrait of jealousy and mistrust. The aforementioned insider recently coughed up a dizzying array of details about Harris’ relationship with Rita to the British magazine Grazia. Of course, it’s truly anyone’s guess if this information contains a shred of truth.

According to the source, Calvin wasn’t too happy with the amount of time the “I Will Never Let You Down” singer was spending with her ex-boyfriend, Dave Gardner.

“Calvin put Rita on a pedestal, indulging her every whim and giving her a credit card on his account. Their careers meant that they spent long stretches apart, and I think Calvin was hurt when he found out that Rita had been in LA at the same time as him without letting him know she was there.”

The insider also explained that Ora is more than a little irritated with Calvin Harris over the tracks he withheld from her upcoming album.

“Calvin had done four tracks, which was practically half the album. By taking them back, he’s screwed her royally. She’s furious that her personal life has infringed on her career and is desperate to prove herself with her second album.”

Of course, Harris’ decision to keep those songs isn’t stopping his ex from adding “I Will Never Let You Down” to her live sets going forward. Although Calvin may own the TV rights to the song, he can’t prevent her from performing the ditty during her concerts. What’s more, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress may incorporate her recent experience with Harris into her forthcoming album. The collection of songs should arrive early next year.

“I’ve written a lot of the songs and they are as honest as possible. It’s about my love life and what I love to do and how I love to go out and all that stuff.”

What do you think about all the drama surrounding Calvin Harris and his ex?

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