Brittany Murphy Biopic Appears Almost Universally Unliked

By all accounts, Brittany Murphy was a warm and caring person who was well liked by everyone she met. The Brittany Murphy Lifetime biopic appears to, in many ways be the exact opposite with anyone who has seen it decrying it as “awful” if they’re trying to be kind. The late Murphy’s father not liking the tv-movie seems to be inevitable but critics are panning the production quite loudly as well.

For those living under a rock, Brittany was a young actress who had managed to get quite a few rather large films under her belt during her Hollywood career. Murphy’s career was cut short when she passed away in 2009 and for some, that death has been something of a mystery ever since. The Lifetime movie about the actresses life actually goes so far as to claim Brittany was murdered. This claim appears to be one her father and mother have at least been willing to entertain.

It isn’t the claims of how Murphy died that have brought a great deal of scorn on the television channel notorious for just this kind of programming, its just how bad this particular program is. Time‘s website tells readers its writers watchedThe Brittany Murphy Story so nobody else would have to do the same. It’s not particularly surprising the critics there said it was unentertaining, but the revelations about just how poorly this program was put together could give someone pause.

As The Wrap reports, one critic who saw the film commented, “The less said about the acting, the better.” But it doesn’t appear Amanda Fuller (who plays Murphy) or any of her costars can be blamed entirely. Instead it appears to be the slipshod way the channel put the project together is the real problem.

Shooting for Brittany’s biopic lasted for just 16 days and Fuller has told anyone who will listen she was given just two days to actually prepare for her role as Murphy. A shocking lack of preparation for any role isn’t going to make for a very good film. As most critics have pointed out, a terrible script accompanied the rushed production.

In the end, this telling of Brittany’s life seems to just be another sad chapter in what has been a rather tragic story. What’s worse, it appears the biopic has been a rather cliched telling of Murphy’s life when it was held up as something quite a bit more. Some could say the hype without the follow through is a apt description of Brittany Murphy’s career as a whole.