Hear Kim Kardashian’s Reaction When She Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge On ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres has big plans for the premiere of Season 12 of her talk show. Having Kim Kardashian West take the ice bucket challenge is one of the planned events. Although it will not air until next week, Ellen is teasing the Kardashian’s participation in the viral event to benefit ALS.

Kardashian West’s version of the ice bucket challenge is a bit different than others that have been circulating the internet. First, it appears Kim does not raise the bucket of water herself. She is seated in a chair while the affable host, DeGeneres, prepares to give her a good soaking. Kim may be forgiven, however, since it seems her hands were full taking a selfie of the event with her phone.

Kim, wisely or not, is also dressed all in white. Her thin white t-shirt is covered in a formidable suit jacket, however, so any wardrobe malfunctions feared by the Ellen crew might not have taken place.

The most striking feature of the teaser clip — found below — is the strong vocalization from Kim when, presumably, she is doused with the ice water. The audience reaction leads one to assume it will be quite the sight on television screens next week. Have a look:

Perhaps consistent with Ellen’s desire to feature real people on her show, and to raise awareness of important issues, Ellen is not stopping with a mere shower of Kim Kardashian West. The description of her planned season premiere states she will also feature Anthony Carbajal, who is living with ALS. The disease also affected his mother and grandmother. In his own video in support of the challenge, Carbajal says, as quoted by News.com.au:

“ALS is so so f***ing scary you have no idea. That’s probably why nobody talks about it, because it’s so challenging to watch, it’s so challenging to see, to talk about. Nobody wants to see a depressing person that’s dying and has two to five years to live. They don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want their day ruined.”

The Financial Post reported Saturday that the Canadian and U.S. ALS organizations that benefit from donations as a result of the challenge fund ALS research, support families affected by ALS and fund advocacy and awareness campaigns. The research component has prompted some celebrities to speak out against the challenge.

As for Kim Kardashian West, those ice bucket challenge selfies have yet to make it on to her Instagram account, but will probably show up online after the Ellen episode is broadcast.

[Image: Google]