‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: The Week 11 Nominations, POV Competition Results Are Revealed

The Power of Veto competition for Big Brother 16 was held Saturday evening and the results have been revealed via the live feeds. Given the “BB Rewind” twist the POV doesn’t actually matter, but many fans are still curious to see how things fall into place since the houseguests aren’t aware of what’s about to go down. What are the Big Brother spoilers regarding the week 11 nominations and Power of Veto?

Frankie Grande won Head of Household for this week and as Big Brother Network notes, he went on to nominate Victoria Rafaeli and Cody Calafiore. After the HOH competition, Big Brother spoilers revealed that Frankie nudged the group to go ahead and hit the mysterious button.

Little did Frankie know that he just wiped out his big HOH opportunity this week. Had Frankie not won HOH he likely would have been headed to the jury. Did he just put himself in danger by pushing for the button to be hit?

In Frankie’s mind, Victoria would be the target for elimination out of this nomination pairing. Saturday night the POV competition was held, and it sounds like it was the always-entertaining morph-o-matic where the players have to figure out which houseguests are morphed in pairs into one crazy picture. Big Brother spoilers reveal that Frankie managed to win this competition too, but Derrick was just a matter of seconds behind him.

In all likelihood Frankie will just leave the nominations as they are when it comes to Monday’s POV ceremony. As Jokers Updates shares, after the competition Frankie spent some time alone in the HOH room basking in the glory of his latest win. He counts up how many competition wins he has and he figures he is a big target. He’s hoping the twist on Wednesday is that he can compete in the Head of Household competition as he knows otherwise he’ll probably be on the block.

As it happens Frankie can compete for HOH, but it won’t be in the way he’s thinking given the rewind twist. Though BB16 fans aren’t absolutely sure they know how Wednesday’s show will be played out, Julie Chen has indicated that all of the houseguests who were eligible to play in this last HOH competition will get to play again. That would seemingly mean that Derrick has to sit out, but Frankie can play.

Wednesday’s show should be quite entertaining and BB16 fans can’t wait to see Frankie’s reaction to this latest twist. Will he pull off another HOH win or will he end up heading to the jury as the week is replayed?

Also ahead this week, coming on Sunday’s show, is a big announcement from previous players Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Big Brother spoiler and live feed fans already know what news is coming, but everybody is anxious to see it play out in the backyard Sunday night.

Remember that the Big Brother 16 schedule is altered now for the rest of the season due to NFL games on Thursday night. BB16 will now air on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights until the finale.

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