‘Carver’ Trailer Premieres: Horror Through The Eyes Of A 14-Year-Old Filmmaker

The Carver trailer is here! That should be good news for any of you who love horror movies, and specifically that wonderfully nostalgic subgenre known as the slasher film.

While most slasher movies aren’t that creative and tell the same story with the same set of rules and conventions over and over again, this is one that has a unique perspective.

Carver is the work of 14-year-old filmmaker Emily DiPrimio.

As Fangoria points out, this is kind of ideal.

“When do slashers appeal to horror fans most?” asks Fango contributor Samuel Zimmerman. “I’d argue when we’re teens, and the often charged up, youth-oriented sensibilities of the subgenre fall right in line with our adolescence. Fitting then, 14 year-old Emily DiPrimio wasn’t just content to watch them, but get out and craft one herself. It’s now complete and the young filmmaker has unveiled the first trailer for Carver.”

(Speak for yourself, Zimmerman, I’m 35, and they’re still my favorite type of movie.)

Anyhow, we’ve watched the Carver trailer, and while you can definitely tell that it’s done on a shoestring budget, it’s slick and well-formed and far better than what a lot of adult horror filmmakers have managed to come up with in recent years.

Watching this, I’m confident that I would have a better time watching the pumpkin-masked killer seek out obnoxious teens for demolition than suffer through one more Paranormal Activity movie. But maybe that’s just me. Here’s the trailer so you can decide for yourself.

Yep, Carver certainly appears to have it all. A mysterious legend, a crop of handsome and attractive high schoolers, a shrouded scythe-carrying figure with “kill, kill, kill” on his mind.

Emily DiPrimio doesn’t miss a beat, and that’s coming from someone who’s seen way more of these things than one person ever should.

Going beyond the horror genre, though, it’s a relief to see someone Emily’s age take charge of life and make something happen.

While we’re not yet sure this will match the 1980s authenticity of Justin Russell’s The Sleeper, it’s a welcome addition to a style of filmmaking near and dear to my heart.

It’s also a textbook example that you don’t need a lot of money or big names to make a movie worth seeing.

What about you, horror hounds? What did you guys think of the Carver trailer? Instant classic or no?

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