‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Penny and Leonard Break Up?

The Big Bang Theory fans have seen numerous Penny and Leonard breakups, so many viewers are probably wondering if Lenny will last through the end of season 8. Penny’s commitment issues were regularly a problem, and Leonard wasn’t always the most supportive boyfriend when it came to his girlfriend’s dreams of becoming an actress.

Penny and Leonard have gotten better at working through their issues, but season 8 of The Big Bang Theory is throwing another challenge their way—Penny is going to go through a big life change.

“She’s going to become a pharmaceutical rep at Bernadette’s company, so she’s going to start making a living — and she’s going to start making a good living,” creator Chuck Lorre told ET Online. “That’s going to change things a lot.”

Lorre also stated that Penny will “grow a lot,” so does this mean that she and Leonard will start growing apart?

Luckily for Lenny fans, they won’t have to spend all of season 8 hoping that the couple doesn’t break up — Lorre was kind enough to reveal that the Lenny engagement is safe. It’s even possible that Penny’s new job will actually change things for the better as she gains more confidence and financial stability. With no more audition failures and money woes to worry about, she actually might be able to relax and have some fun with her fiance. However, don’t expect to see Penny and Leonard rushing to the altar now that they’re both making good money. As The Inquisitr previously reported, there will be no Lenny wedding during season 8.

With Leonard and Penny’s relationship secure, The Big Bang Theory will have more time to focus on other relationships. Shamy will have some stuff to deal with after Sheldon returns from his trip, and Raj will get to know Emily a little better. According to Hypable, Sheldon and Howard’s relationship might also improve.

“When Sheldon is forced to teach a class, Howard surprises everyone by taking it,” episode 2’s plot synopsis reads. Wolowitz is either really interested in learning something from his pal, or he just wants to mess with him.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Bernadette and Penny might not enjoy being coworkers. “The tension between Penny and Bernadette gives Amy a chance to play both sides,” the synopsis says. Maybe Amy tampers with their friendship because she’s jealous that they get to spend more time together at work.

Amy might be upset about her friendship and boyfriend situation, but actress Mayim Bialik is having a blast playing the neurobiologist. Mayim recently shared a photo featuring herself, Jim Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco hanging out together in a car on The Big Bang Theory set.

Everyone looks thrilled to be back at work, and Kaley Cuoco is doing an excellent job entertaining her friends by doing her best Miley Cyrus impression.

Are you relieved that Penny and Leonard aren’t going to break up during season 8? The Big Bang Theory returns Monday, September 22 at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

[Image credit: CBS]