Tamar Braxton Divorce: Singer's Ego Reportedly Driving Husband Vince Away

Tamar Braxton and her longtime husband Vince are headed for divorce, an industry insider claims.

The actress and singer has reportedly pushed Vince away with her diva behavior, the insider told MediaTakeOut. As a result the couple has separated, with Vince serving as her manager and nothing more.

"Tamar's ego is out of control... she really thinks she's Beyonce or something," the source said. "She's got a little bit of a buzz going for her, and it's gone to her head."

The insider added that Vince tried all he could to save the marriage.

"Vince tried to work with her [on their marriage]. But she's just become impossible to talk too. So [Vince] moved out and is now only acting as her manager."

While Tamar Braxton is reportedly headed for divorce, she has also opened up about her own life and path to stardom. In a recent interview she talked about her lifelong desire to get into show business.

"I never wanted to do anything other than sing and act," Tamar said in a preview of Saturday's Being.

"Everything that had anything to do with singing, I was a part of," she added. "It was just all about singing for me. I think everybody knew that's what I wanted to do."

Braxton added that she had to ignore the advice of teachers and friends who wanted her to go to college and get a good job, instead following her dream to be a star.

"I remember my guidance counselor got so upset with me and she told me that, 'You're not going to go to college. You're going to end up working at McDonald's,'" Tamar recalled.

But when it comes to her personal life, Tamar Braxton has much less to say. She has not addressed the rumors of trouble in her marriage.