Great Dane Hissy Fit Reminds Us Why We Love Dogs

A Great Dane hissy fit video has captured the love of Reddit, making it to the top of the front page at the time of this post, and reminding us why we love dogs so much.

As with any canine tantrum, this one doesn’t have its roots in any kind of important world affair, but in something utterly ridiculous.

The specific reason: Ro-Ro, Dinky’s brother, is getting “lovies” from their owner, and Dinky clearly doesn’t like it.

Judging from the two-minute clip, Dinky was bitten by the green-eyed monster when the spotlight was no longer on him, and this elicits a rumbling, contained protest that sounds something like a heavily tranquilized demon from Hell.

Good stuff, but we’ll let you see for yourself. Word of warning, though: the owners are clearly “dog people,” and so that means you’re going to hear some incredibly annoying doggie baby talk. Just prepare yourself:

The comments on the Great Dane hissy fit video have been particularly hilarious, with a number of Reddit users revealing their own behaviors when it comes to how they baby talk their pets.

“Funny how a dog can turn a grown [expletive] man who appears to be pretty bada** into someone who distributes ‘lovies’ on a Tuesday night,” one commenter started the ball rolling.

“The way I talk to my brother’s puggle is [expletive] shameful. But I don’t care, because he’s a fuzzy pickle monkey,” said another, to which someone responded, “My dog Max is a little poo poo doglet head.”

“I call my Great Dane pupper-diddles and pupito in my house. She’s referred to as Big-G in public,” was possibly our favorite.

But then, it’s hard to beat this.

“My Beagle Tilly’s name must be rhymed with nonsensical words when I first see her at the end of the day before ending it with a sensical rhyming word and why that word makes sense with a tad of definition ending in an actual pet name. ‘Hey Tilly Willy Nilly Billy Philly Cheese Steak Puppy Face.’ ‘Halloooo Tilly Shilly Yilly Rilly Silly Circus Elephant Ears!'”

All right, readers, let’s have it. What types of crazy, insane, nicknames and “lovies” do you bestow on your canine companions?

Just to get the ball rolling, our dog is a “Waggles.”

As for the video, have any of your pets ever thrown a tantrum on par with the Great Dane hissy fit? Share your experiences in our comments section!